The Real Mount Sinai in Arabia (P2)

The Discovery of the Real Mount Sinai – Part 2

Mountain of Fire Part 2

The exact location of Mount Sinai has eluded archeologists and theologians for centuries. It is the mountain of legend chronicled in the Old Testament book of Exodus. The mountain where Moses saw the glory of the God of the Hebrews, fell to his knees in fear before a burning bush and received the stone tablets containing Holy law etched by the finger of God.

Tradition has placed this Holy mountain squarely in the middle of the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, but two unlikely teams of adventurers made a different discovery. This is the remarkable true story of their journey. A dangerous mission, leading them to the barren deserts of Saudi Arabia and to a mysterious blackened peak surrounded by high barbed-wire fences and patrolled by armed guards, Smuggled out a great risk, their startling evidence has the potential to shock the world and rewrite history.


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